Voting and Campaign Finance

Removing Voting Barriers

Senator Boysko has long sought to make voting easier for all citizens of Virginia. During her time in Richmond, she cosponsored no-excuse absentee and early voting legislation, and supported same-day voter registration legislation. She also worked on legislation around allowing felons to vote, empowering students to be informed of and to correct registration errors. This work moved Virginia’s access to voting from 49th to 12th.

Campaign Finance Reform

Senator Boysko believes that Virginians have the right to be assured that their elected officials do not personally profit from running for office. Donors support their candidates with the belief that the money they give will go to efforts to elect their candidate of choice. Senator Boysko’s 2023 legislation to prohibit the personal use of campaign funds passed the Senate with bipartisan support but failed on a party-line vote in the House. Senator Boysko cosponsored legislation requiring online media ads to disclose who placed and/or promoted the ad.