Protecting Our Environment

Senator Boysko is committed to protecting our environment in the face of climate change and ensuring that all Virginians have access to clean air and safe drinking water. Senator Boysko has a strong voting record on environmental protection and close relationships with environmental protection advocates.

Transitioning to Clean, Affordable, and Reliable Energy

Senator Boysko believes a rapid transition to renewable energy will not only benefit our environment but also help boost the economy by creating high-quality jobs within the District. Senator Boysko is committed to working with experts at local renewable energy companies, energy storage businesses, and universities to improve energy storage and efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a critical component of reaching Virginia’s carbon reduction goals. Senator Boysko has sponsored legislation to allow localities to require energy-efficient building codes and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. As more and more constituents reach out for help with high energy bills, it is clear that we need to move more quickly to make existing buildings more efficient and to require energy efficiency for new construction.

Environmental Issues in the Community

Poor air quality and excessive heat are issues in the District. A large contributor to pollution and climate change, transportation emissions pose a risk to human health. As a member of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, Senator Boysko is working to relieve traffic congestion and strengthen transit alternatives. She has also been working for several years to support the deployment of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, including requesting that VDOT study our EV infrastructure. She passed a bill that requires the inclusion of EV infrastructure in Virginia’s Energy Plan. In 2023 she also worked on a bill that would have allowed localities to require charging infrastructure (passed by the Senate, killed in the House on a party-line vote). Of course, it is important that the energy used to power electric vehicles is clean and renewable. Senator Boysko will continue to support legislative efforts to address the dangers of excessive heat.

While working for Dranesville Supervisor John Foust, Senator Boysko was part of an inter-jurisdictional transportation team where we identified small, reasonable future road connections in the Dulles region rather than advocating for large new highways working with VDOT, WMATA, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Town of Herndon staff. She helped craft the language for the Comprehensive Plans for the Dranesville District (APR) Area Plan Review process, with a strong emphasis on environmental standards and considerations, assuring that language was included that stipulated the need for LEED-certified buildings and made assurances for adequate stormwater management in any new land use. She worked for years as a staffer on the planning and transportation concepts for the Innovation Station on the Silver Line metro