Animal Welfare

Protecting Animals Bred and Held for Experimentation

Senator Boysko has worked for years advocating for the protection of animals. She took a multifaceted approach to helping animals bred and used for research. After efforts to ban breeding cats and dogs for research failed, she sought to prevent those animals from living in cruel conditions. Working with PETA, the Humane Society of the United States, and a long list of animal welfare advocates, Senator Boysko helped pass legislation to shut down breeding facilities with USDA violations. As a result, more than 4000 beagles were adopted out to loving homes. In the 2023 Session, she passed legislation increasing the transparency of animal testing in Virginia, requiring facilities to post the use of research animals on their websites.

Humane Cosmetics Act

In an effort to reduce the number of animals being used for experimentation, Senator Boysko, worked with Cruelty International and other animal welfare groups to pass legislation ending cosmetic testing on animals in Virginia. She has also introduced legislation to allow localities to limit the sale and transfer of cats and dogs in pet stores to rescues and co-patroned legislation protecting animals from being tied up in extreme weather, without shelter, or with too short of tethers.