Meet Jennifer

Jennifer’s roots are in this community

Jennifer Boysko’s commitment to public service and advocacy for her community spans decades. Born in Arkansas and raised primarily in Alabama by her single mother who escaped poverty and abuse, Jennifer learned the importance of standing up for what’s right and giving back to the community from an early age. She moved to Virginia in 1985 to attend Hollins University, the same alma mater as Emily’s List founder Ellen Malcolm, where she became an activist for reproductive rights.

After graduating, Jennifer began her career on Capitol Hill, working for then-Democratic Senator Richard Shelby. In 2003, she became the Virginia State Director for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, working alongside future Congressman Don Beyer and Representative Bobby Scott. Her experience in political organizing led her to manage a campaign for the House of Delegates in 2007, where she shocked political insiders by coming within 5 points of victory against a 12-year Republican incumbent.

In 2013, she ran herself, coming within 32 votes of defeating the incumbent in a recount. Undeterred, she ran again in 2015 and won, even though her challenger outspent her by $300,000.

As a freshman Delegate, Jennifer took on the responsibility of Fundraising Chair and started the “Run Everywhere” initiative to help raise money for challengers. Her efforts helped win 15 new seats in the House of Delegates. In 2019, newly elected Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton endorsed Jennifer to succeed her in the State Senate in 2019. Jennifer won a special election to represent half of Loudoun County in a super-sized State Senate District that would eventually be split in two.

Since joining the State Senate, Jennifer has continued to break records and make history. She became the first freshman and only the fifth Senator ever to raise $1 million for Senate Democrats as Finance Chair. In the Senate, she has taken on and won Virginia’s toughest fights for women, families, and the LGBTQ community.


Jennifer moves to Virginia to attend Hollins, the same University as Emily’s List founder, Ellen Malcolm
Goes to work on Capitol Hill for then-Democratic Senator Richard Shelby
Jennifer becomes Virginia State Director for Howard Dean for America, joining future Congressman Don Beyer and Rep. Bobby Scott
Jennifer manages a campaign for the House of Delegates shocking political insiders by coming within 5 points
Joins 10th Congressional District Democratic Committee
Jennifer makes her first run for office and comes within 32 votes of defeating a 12 year Republican incumbent in a recount
Jennifer wins after the incumbent retires and a new challenger outspends her by $300K
As a freshman Delegate, Jennifer takes on the responsibility of Fundraising Chair and starts Run Everywhere, to help raise money to win 15 new seats in the House of Delegates
As a freshman Delegate, Newly elected Congresswoman, Jennifer Wexton, endorses Jennifer who goes on to succeed her in the State Senate
Jennifer breaks fundraising records as Finance Chair for the Senate Democrats. She becomes the 1st freshman and only the 5th Senator to ever raise $1 Million for Senate Democrats.

A Lifetime of Service

Throughout her life, Jennifer has been committed to doing what is morally right and facilitating positive change, rather than seeking self-promotion. From protesting in elementary school to let girls be crossing guards to taking on a massive corporation for animal cruelty, her dedication to her community is unwavering.

Before her elected office, Jennifer served as an organizer for groundbreaking Democratic campaigns, a PTA leader addressing student mental health and wellness, and a key advisor to Fairfax County Democratic Supervisor John Foust. She has spent years representing Loudoun County and delivering for Virginians as a Delegate and State Senator.

Breaking records and making history

As she runs for Congress, Jennifer Boysko brings a proven track record of achieving results for Virginia by bringing people together and never giving up. With her determination and passion for public service, she is poised to make a significant impact in Washington, just as she has always done for her community.

Jennifer lives with her husband Glenn, a drummer, and their cats Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennet, and Mr. Darcy. They raised two daughters, Hannah and Sophie Claire, who are best friends and live in New York. Sophie Claire recently got engaged to her long-time girlfriend, and Jennifer and Glenn are excited to walk her down the aisle.

Jennifer’s Accomplishments:

Protecting reproductive rights

  • Keeping abortion legal – making Virginia the only remaining safe haven in the South
  • Safeguarding reproductive healthcare decisions
  • Expanding access to contraceptives

Building an inclusive future

  • Keeping abortion legal – making Virginia the only remaining safe haven in the South
  • Safeguarding reproductive healthcare decisions
  • Expanding access to contraceptives

Tackling gun violence and making us safer

  • Expanding background checks to prevent criminals and terrorists from buying guns
  • Passing a measure to keep guns from domestic abusers
  • Passing meaningful criminal justice reform legislation
  • Passing anti-hazing legislation Adam’s LawStrengthening public education
  • Securing substantial funding increases for ourworld-class local school system
  • Raising teacher pay so we can attract and retain the best teachers to Northern Virginia
  • Expanding access to in-state tuition for our students by passing the DREAM Act

Improving health care

  • Expanding Medicaid to provide health care to thousands of Virginians
  • Passing Elijah’s Law, which ensures that childcare organizations have EpiPens in all facilities
  • Expanding services for people with disabilities, people suffering from mental illness, and people dealing with substance abuse and addiction
  • Passing the Good Samaritan bill to encourage bystanders to call for help when someone witnesses an opioid overdose
  • Getting Naloxone into the hands of more people in the community to save lives
  • Supporting frontline workers by establishing EMS personnel leave

Addressing traffic and transportation

  • Increasing funding for our transportation system and investing in major improvements on Rte. 7, Rte. 28, and Phase II Silver Line Metro
  • Expanding access to driving credentials for all residents to make our roads safer, and ensure all drivers have insurance

Protecting our environment

  • Passing legislation to invest in renewable energy and protect our environment
  • Fighting for energy-efficient building codes

Growing our economy

  • Eliminating the state tax on groceries, menstrual products, and diapers
  • Allowing localities to enter into collective bargaining agreements with employees
  • Providing universal access to affordable broadband throughout Virginia
  • Balancing the state budget responsibly while
  • maintaining our AAA bond rating

  • Expanding funding for affordable housing to ensure families can build a future

Protecting animal welfare

  • Passing the Humane Cosmetics Act
  • Freeing 4,000 beagles and regulating the facility that held them to prevent abuse and neglect of animals
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