Virginia's 10th Congressional District

Why the 10th is so important.

The Virginia 10th Congressional district is a crucial seat for Democrats to hold, as it has been a reliably blue district in recent years. However, with the announcement that Rep. Jennifer Wexton will not seek reelection due to her diagnosis of a rare neurological disorder, the district has become more vulnerable. The Cook Political Report has moved the district from Solid Democratic to Likely Democratic, indicating that Republicans may have an opportunity to make inroads in the upcoming election.

A Proven Track Record

Jennifer Boysko is a strong candidate for Democrats to put forward in the 10th district. She has a proven track record of success in the area, having nearly defeated a longtime Republican incumbent in a 2013 state delegate race, losing by only 32 votes in a recount. Boysko went on to win the seat after the incumbent retired, despite being outspent by her challenger by $300,000. As a delegate, she took on leadership roles, including serving as Fundraising Chair and helping to raise money for other Democratic candidates. After being endorsed by then-Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton, Boysko succeeded her in the State Senate. As a State Senator, Boysko broke fundraising records as Finance Chair for the Senate Democrats, becoming the first freshman and only the fifth Senator to ever raise $1 million for Senate Democrats.

Experienced and Ready to Serve

Importantly, Boysko has represented 200,000 people in Loudoun County, which makes up a quarter of the 10th District. She is widely known and respected in the district, with her unparalleled constituent services and near-constant presence in the community making her a beloved and trusted leader. Her political experience, leadership roles, fundraising prowess, and deep ties to the district make her exceptionally well-positioned to hold the seat for Democrats.

The 10th district will likely remain a target for Republicans in future elections, given recent results such as the 2022 Republican nominee winning 47% of the vote and Gov. Glenn Youngkin losing the district by just two points. Democrats cannot afford to take the seat for granted, and putting forward a strong candidate like Jennifer Boysko is crucial to maintaining their hold on the district. With her extensive experience in both the House of Delegates and the State Senate, her track record of success and her strong reputation and deep roots in the district, Boysko is the best choice for Democrats to ensure that the “sliver of vulnerability” in the 10th district does not become a more significant problem in the future.

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