VA-10 residents need to hear on broadcast, cable, OTT/CTV, digital, and in the mail:

In a crowded Democratic primary, voters should know that State Senator Jennifer Boysko stands out as the abortion rights candidate. She’s the ONLY candidate in the race that sponsored a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee abortion rights. Prior to being elected, she served on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. During her time in the legislature, Jennifer repeatedly fought to protect private decisions about whether and when to start a family, free from government interference. Abortion rights are under attack nationwide and it’s crucial we have an experienced pro-choice advocate like Jennifer in Congress. She’s ready to go toe-to-toe with the MAGA extremists who want to take us back 50 years.

Anyone watching television or online and who cares about protecting abortion rights, should see that State Senator Jennifer Boysko is the clear leader in this race for Congress. She is the ONLY candidate to sponsor a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee abortion rights. Prior to being elected, Jennifer served on the Board of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, and in the legislature she has proven extremely effective at defending our rights from MAGA extremists.

Voters might also want to know that Jennifer Boysko has taken on the toughest fights.  From her days as a community organizer and activist… to serving in the State Senate – where she took on the NRA to pass new laws on gun violence prevention and pushed for paid family and medical leave.  Jennifer was the only northern Virginia State Senator to help negotiate Virginia’s state Budget – supporting education, improving mental health services, and tackling climate change.  We can count on Jennifer Boysko to take on MAGA Republicans in Congress so our reproductive rights and freedoms are always protected.

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