Former Loudoun Delegate David Poisson Endorses Jennifer Boysko For Congress

Poisson: "When no one believed a Democrat could win in Loudoun, Jennifer was there, knocking doors and proving them wrong."

Sterling, VA – Today, former Loudoun County Delegate David Poisson announced his endorsement of State Senator Jennifer Boysko in her campaign for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Poisson highlighted Boysko’s longtime commitment to electing Democrats in Loudoun County and her role in his historic 2005 upset victory over incumbent Republican Dick Black.

“Back in 2005, conventional wisdom said a Democrat couldn’t win in Loudoun. But Jennifer Boysko never accepted that,” said Poisson. “She believed in our vision for change, and she put in the hard work to make it happen. Jennifer knocked doors, made calls, and mobilized volunteers when no one was paying attention to Loudoun. Her dedication and tireless efforts were instrumental in our shocking upset win.”

Poisson, who served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 2006 to 2010, emphasized Boysko’s loyalty to the Democratic Party and her ability to defy expectations.
“Jennifer has been a steadfast fighter for Democratic values, even when the odds were stacked against us,” Poisson continued. “She understands what it takes to build grassroots campaigns that connect with voters and deliver victories. In the State Senate, she’s continued to rack up wins for working families. We need her tenacity and proven track record in Congress.”

“Delegate Poisson’s 2005 campaign was a turning point for Democrats in Loudoun County and across Virginia,” said Boysko. “I’m proud to have played a role in that historic victory, and I’m deeply honored to have earned his support in my race for Congress. Together, we’ll keep defying expectations and delivering results.”

Prior to serving in the House of Delegates, Poisson worked as a lawyer and government relations consultant. In 2005, he defeated Republican incumbent Dick Black in a race that shocked political observers and signaled the rising Democratic strength in Northern Virginia suburbs. After leaving office, Poisson returned to practicing law.


Boysko is a Virginia State Senator and the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. She is the only Northern Virginia Senator negotiating Virginia’s state budget where she is working to deliver $2.5 billion in new education funding, millions to save Metro, and important investments to improve mental health services and combat climate change. Senator Boysko represented as many as 200,000 residents in Loudoun County for 8 years in the General Assembly. Among her long and accomplished legislative record, this year she carried the constitutional amendment to ensure abortion access, collective bargaining, and paid family and medical leave.

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