Governor Howard Dean Endorses Jennifer Boysko For Congress

Dean: "Jennifer knows how to build grassroots movements, and she'll be a champion for healthcare in Congress."

Today, former Vermont Governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean announced his endorsement of State Senator Jennifer Boysko in her campaign for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Dean highlighted Boysko’s key role in his 2004 presidential campaign and her commitment to expanding access to healthcare and paid family leave.

“I’ll never forget the incredible work Jennifer did as my Virginia State Director” said Governor Dean. “Her vision and tireless organizing helped put our grassroots campaign on the map. Jennifer believed in the power of our movement to inspire people, and she made it happen. Now, she’s running for Congress to continue fighting for the values we share, like expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare, including abortion care, for everyone.””

Dean, a medical doctor by training, emphasized Boysko’s leadership on healthcare issues in the Virginia Senate.
“As a physician, I know firsthand the importance of ensuring every American has access to the care they need,” Dean continued. “In the State Senate, Jennifer has been a champion for expanding Medicaid, lowering prescription drug prices, and establishing paid family and medical leave. We need her expertise and commitment in Congress to make universal healthcare a reality.”

“Governor Dean’s 2004 campaign inspired a new generation of progressive activists and leaders, myself included,” said Boysko. “I’m honored to have earned his support, and I look forward to working together to achieve our shared vision of a healthcare system that puts people over profits.”

Prior to his presidential run, Dean served as Governor of Vermont from 1991 to 2003. A medical doctor, he previously worked as a physician in Vermont. After his campaign, Dean went on to serve as Chair of the Democratic National Committee from 2005 to 2009.


Boysko is a Virginia State Senator and the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. She is the only Northern Virginia Senator negotiating Virginia’s state budget where she is working to deliver $2.5 billion in new education funding, millions to save Metro, and important investments to improve mental health services and combat climate change. Senator Boysko represented as many as 200,000 residents in Loudoun County for 8 years in the General Assembly. Among her long and accomplished legislative record, this year she carried the constitutional amendment to ensure abortion access, collective bargaining, and paid family and medical leave.

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