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Dear Neighbors,

As long-time activists, organizers, and community leaders in Northern Virginia, we’ve seen firsthand the power of women supporting women. That’s why we worked tirelessly to elect Jennifer Wexton to Congress in 2018, and why we’re now coming together to support Jennifer Boysko as her successor.

Jennifer Boysko has been a fierce advocate for women’s rights in the Virginia legislature. She carried the amendment to enshrine abortion access in our state constitution and championed the bill to establish paid family and medical leave. We know that she will continue this fight in Congress, standing up for equal pay, reproductive freedom, and the fundamental principle that no one should dictate what we can do with our bodies.

But Jennifer’s commitment goes beyond women’s rights – she is deeply dedicated to this district and the people who call it home. As a legislator, she has represented as many as 200,000 people in this very district. Some of us have voted for her eight times. She knows us, she is there for us; she always has been and she always will be.

Jennifer isn’t a stranger or someone we only see on TV or at dinners and speeches. We see her speaking at School Board meetings, knocking on doors for our local candidates, and sitting in living rooms stuffing envelopes. We see her standing with us when no one else can be bothered to show up.

As volunteers and grassroots leaders, we’ve knocked on doors, made phone calls, and mobilized our communities to elect representatives who share our values. We need a qualified woman who knows this district inside and out, and who will fight like hell to protect our hard-won rights and to get back the ones the Supreme Court has taken away.

Jennifer Boysko is that woman. She has the experience, the passion, and the unwavering commitment to women’s rights that we need in our next representative.

We won’t sit idly by while extremist Republicans attempt to strip us of our rights. Together, as women, we’re standing up and saying: no more.

Join us in supporting Jennifer Boysko for Congress.
Together, we can ensure that women’s voices are heard and our rights are protected.

In solidarity,

Dr. Wendy KleinWomens Health Advocate
Delegate Atoosa Reaser
Supervisor Juli Briskman
School Board Member Dr. Sumera Rashid
Delegate Irene Shin
Former Councilmember Vee Richardson
Former Councilmember Karen Jimmerson
Former Mayor Lisa Merkel
Denise Moore Pierce, Former Chair Algonkian
Barb Jones, Former President Virginia NOW (National Organization of Women)
Kathy Shupe, Virginia Equal Rights Coalistion, Founding Member
Zeina Hutchison, Palestinian American rights activist and community organizer
Sonia Ballinger, Latina Feminist Activist
Susan Harford, Fauquier Grassroots Community Activist
Michelle McKinney, Rappahannock Democratic Activist
Sherrill Fields, Feminist, Community, LGBTQ+ Activist
Debra Simon, Feminist, Community, LGBTQ+ Activist
Carrie Bruns, Longtime Democratic Community Activist
Jessica Berg, Loudoun Teacher and Women’s Rights Activist
Aliyah Kahn, Human Rights Activist
Val Kaiser, Former President Dulles Regional Chamber and Vigrinia Equal Rights Commission Founding Member
Lynn Davis, Algonkian Democratic Chair
Maria Damare, Co-Chair Algonkian Democrats
Joanne Collins, Grassroots Leader, HRI
Anne Alston, Grassroots Leader, HRI
Heidi Zollo, Grassroots Leader, HRI

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