Happy Mother’s Day!

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Dear Friend, 

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!  As we celebrate, I am so grateful to be the mom of my girls Hannah and Sophie Claire, and for my own mom Dianne who inspired me with her strength and resilience.  I am also mindful that for some, it’s a bittersweet holiday.  I send greetings and appreciation to all who serve in that role!  We appreciate you!

Early voting has begun and you are able to cast your ballot now in the Democratic primaries throughout Virginia.  This year we will be selecting not only every seat in the General Assembly but also our constitutional officers, boards of supervisors, and public school boards.  There is a generational change with redistricting and I urge you to familiarize yourself with the candidates on your ballot who are likely new in your community. There are a number of primaries this year. Be an informed voter.  Democracy is in your hands.

I will be having a reception on May 17th in McLean and would be delighted to have your support (https://secure.actblue.com/donate/fjb0517mclean). I am running to represent the newly created 38th district. I will continue to represent the 33rd senate district through the end of the year. Also, if you live in the new 38th community I encourage you to reach out to my team. Fatimah Dandashi is my campaign manager and can be reached at campaignmanager@jenniferboysko.com. My legislative staff, Karen Harrison and Kathy Shupe,  manage the day-to-day operations of our office and stand ready to assist you.

It’s my great honor to serve in the Senate of Virginia. This year I have taken on additional responsibility as the fundraising Chair for my Senate Democratic Caucus.  I will be working tirelessly to help hold the Senate Brick Wall majority.  Repro rights, public education, gun violence prevention, and environmental protection are all on the ballot.  I will continue to stand up for hardworking individuals and families to advocate for economic security and safe communities and will continue to work to preserve civility and common-sense dialog with others, even when we vehemently disagree.

My mom taught me to be kind and compassionate but also to fight injustice. That’s what I will continue to do as your state senator. Happy Mother’s Day!

Kindest regards,

Photo Gallery

With Seatmates Senator Bagby and Senator Rouse at the Reconvene Session
At the NCSL – PEW Women in Pensions and Public Finance Roundtable

2023 Legislative Slate Update

On April 12, I returned to Richmond, for reconvene, where we voted on the Governor’s recommendations (amendments) and vetoes of our 2023 Session legislation. You can see all of the votes on the recommendations here and on the vetoes here.

Reproductive Rights Update

The Supreme Court granted a request from the Biden administration and a drug manufacturer to put on hold a ruling by a federal circuit court that suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of mifepristone, part of a two-drug protocol used to end pregnancies in their early stages. The battle over medication abortions, which account for over half of all abortions performed in the United States each year, now returns to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, which is scheduled to hear oral argument in the case this month. The order means that the drug will remain widely available while litigation continues.

On April 14, manufacturer Danco Laboratories LLC asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hit pause on the injunction that effectively blocks the distribution of mifepristone, a medicine used in abortions, saying it faces an “untenable lingo” of competing court orders and “regulatory chaos” because of a case brought by plaintiffs who never had standing.

These attempts to block access to mifepristone threaten to undermine FDA’s medical judgment, put women’s health in danger, and carry risks for everyone in our healthcare system. Dr. Jack Resnick, American Medical Association President wrote in the New York Times, such a decision “would represent a dangerous and reckless step backward for our country. More people would live sicker, suffer more, and die younger while the scientifically proven safe and effective drugs they need remain locked away.”

COVID Update

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has amended the emergency use authorizations of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 bivalent mRNA vaccines to simplify the vaccination schedule for most individuals. This action includes authorizing the current bivalent vaccines (original and omicron BA.4/BA.5 strains) to be used for all doses administered to individuals 6 months of age and older, including for an additional dose or doses for certain populations. The monovalent Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are no longer authorized for use in the United States. Learn more here.

The federal government also announced the ‘HHS Bridge Access Program For COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments Program’ (“Program”) to maintain broad access to COVID-19 vaccines for millions of uninsured Americans. The program will create a unique $1.1 billion public-private partnership to help maintain uninsured individuals’ access to COVID-19 care at their local pharmacies, through existing public health infrastructure, and at their local health centers.

As for people with insurance, partners across the United States government (USG) have been developing commercialization transition plans to ensure a smooth transition for the provision of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments from the purchase and distribution by the USG to traditional health care pathways. When that transition occurs, most Americans should continue to pay nothing out-of-pocket for COVID-19 vaccines. For COVID-19 treatments such as Paxlovid and Lagevrio, out-of-pocket expenses for certain treatments may change after these products move to traditional health care models, depending on a person’s health care coverage. These expenses will be similar to costs one may incur for other drugs and treatments through traditional coverage.

Medicaid Update

As the federal government officially calls an end to the COVID public health emergency, Medicaid recipients again need to complete paperwork every year to stay enrolled in Medicaid. This is a new process for many Medicaid recipients who have never had to do this. 

The process of Medicaid unwinding – or the re-determination of eligibility – began April 1 and will continue for a year.  If you haven’t re-enrolled in Medicaid, make sure you visit coverva.com to find out how.

An estimated 172,000 Virginians who would otherwise remain eligible could lose coverage due to failure to complete the paperwork to stay enrolled. Language access and housing instability are both barriers, as recipients who have moved may not have received the letter explaining how to re-enroll. Medicaid recipients should visit https://coverva.dmas.virginia.gov or  https://cubrevirginia.dmas.virginia.gov to learn more about what they need to to remain enrolled in Medicaid or to transition to other affordable health insurance. 

Transportation Updates

Commonwealth Transportation Board Public Meeting

My staff attended the annual Commonwealth Transportation Board Public meeting. You can review ongoing transportation projects and submit your comments via online form, email, voicemail to 571-749-9160, or mail by May 24, 2023.  

For roads and highways: Six-YearProgram@VDOT.Virginia.gov or Infrastructure Investment Director, Virginia Department of Transportation, 1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219.

For transit and rail: DRPTPR@drpt.virginia.gov or Public Information Office, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, 600 East Main Street, Suite 2102, Richmond, VA 23219.

VDOT Paving Map

You can check whether your street or neighborhood will be paved this year with this interactive map: 2023 Northern Virginia Paving Program.

Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Support and Resources

As a member of the Substance Abuse Services Council, which is in the process of changing the name to Addiction Recovery Services, we work together to ensure that people have the resources they need to identify and get help for addiction recovery support. The new hotline for suicide prevention, 9-8-8, is available nationwide. You can also find support for yourself and family members by reaching out to NAMI or Mental Health America

Addiction is a life threatening problem for too many Virginians. Please reach out if you need help for yourself or a loved one.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline: 1-800-662-4357

National Drug Helpline: 1-844-289-0879

National Institute of Mental Health Information Resource Center: 1-866-615-6464

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: 1-855-378-4373

Both Fairfax and Loudoun Counties offer mental health first aid courses so you will be equipped better to help others and yourself.

Loudoun County continues its series of opioid overdose reversal training, which is now available virtually. Participants who complete the training are eligible to receive free naloxone nasal spray. They may choose to receive naloxone by mail or arrange pickup. Please contact Jamie MacDonald at 571-258-3365 to arrange group training.

Constituent Services

Unemployment Assistance and Resources for Job Searchers

For those eligible for benefits, VEC requires that people receiving unemployment benefits show proof of job searches each week. I encourage you to seek support for finding a job from Virginia Career Works or the Loudoun Workforce Resource Center. They help identify training programs, job opportunities, and help with resumes, emails, and interviewing skills. My constituents report good results working with VCW and the Loudoun Workforce Resource Center.

My staff continues to work with constituents who are waiting for benefits although we have seen many cases resolved. Please reach out if you need help with a VEC claim.

Help Paying Bills

If you are struggling to pay bills, please visit Virginia’s CommonHelp websiteto figure out if you qualify for assistance. You can also reach out to your county – your local government will review your financial situation and connect you with resources. In Fairfax County, contact Coordinated Services. In Loudoun County, contact Information and Referral

Here are additional resources for food. If you have lost your health insurance, please visit coverva.gov to figure out if you are eligible for medicaid or for help with Affordable Care Act insurance.


Voting Has Started for the June 20 Democratic Primary

Register to vote for the primary election on or before May 30. Any registered Fairfax County voter can vote early, and can cast their ballot at any early voting site. The last day to vote early is Saturday, June 17, at 5 p.m.

The June election is only a primary for Democratic Party candidates. In Virginia, political parties decide how they nominate their candidates, including using caucuses, mass meetings, primary elections and other methods. Check the list of primary candidates here after finding your districts here. Not all candidates have a primary opponent. 

The last day to vote early in person is Saturday, June 17, 2023, at 5 pm. In Loudoun County, find locations, dates, and hours for early voting here. In Fairfax, locations, dates and hours for early voting are found on this website.

The general election will be held on November 7. We will elect the 40 members of the Senate of Virginia, the 100 members of the House of Delegates, our County Board of Supervisors, school board members, Sheriffs, and Commonwealth Attorneys.  Your voice matters! Often fewer people vote in years where we do not have a race for Governor or President.

Find your new, post-redistricting legislative districts. The Who’s My Legislator website has been updated. You can now look up your address and figure out your new, post redistricting (post 2020 Census) legislative districts. 

Community Meeting in Fairfax County – The Dangers of Fentanyl

For Parents, Guardians, Youth and Community members! Resources and Narcan will be available after the program as well as time for questions in the Gymnasium. During the event, you will receive training on what to do and not do in an overdose situation, how to administer naloxone (Narcan), and what to do afterwards. You will  also take home free naloxone (Narcan).

Note: Headsets for Spanish interpretation will be available in the lobby.

Educational Workshops in Loudoun

Update re Now Withdrawn Proposed Air Pollution Control Variance for the Data Centers Public comment  works  – DEQ has withdrawn the proposed variance for the data centers in Loudoun County.  Like many of you, I was concerned about the effect on our immediate air quality if a variance were to be permitted to allow diesel generators on site. I spoke with DEQ, Dominion, representatives of the Data Center Coalition and other stakeholders.  I learned that at this point, members of the Data Centers Coalition have determined that even if DEQ would allow a variance it would not be beneficial to the data centers in Loudoun County at this time. In response to public comments and the Data Center Coalition request, DEQ closed public comment and withdrew the proposed variance. I will continue to monitor this situation closely.  I do not believe that we have heard the end of it.  It will be imperative that local governments closely weigh the needs of our residential communities, our energy capacity, and the environment as they consider new data center applications. Attend Inova Phlebotomy School for Free Inova offers phlebotomy training with a tuition waiver in exchange for a commitment to work for INOVA for at least 18 months. Inova Phlebotomy School provides an educational program that teaches the art and science of phlebotomy. This program’s focus will be on knowledge, technical abilities, troubleshooting, as well as confidence to pass the American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Registry Certification Examination. Students will graduate with the necessary skills to perform successful venipunctures. The program will provide practicums that emphasize technical skills and knowledge, resulting in a successful phlebotomist. Learn more here.

Up to $30 discount on Broadband Bill for Eligible Households

Please share information regarding The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) – we know that many families who qualify for these benefits have not yet signed up.

Give Back

Food insecurity is the #1 reason families and individuals reach out to Cornerstones. However, there is a significant drop in pantry donations following the end of year holiday season. To help provide year-round support for our food insecure neighbors, Cornerstones is excited to be launching the Food Rescue and Empowerment Enterprise (FREE) from Hunger Center later this year. This 10,000 square foot industrial warehouse will serve as a central storage and distribution site for food pantries across Northern Virginia including the Cornerstones’ Assistance Services and Pantry Program (ASAPP).

Make a gift to Cornerstones today to help stock the shelves of Cornerstones’ Assistance Services and Pantry Program throughout the year and help us expand our efforts through the FREE from Hunger Center. The possibilities are endless when we all come together to uplift each other and our neighbors.



We welcome notices about events that are free or very low cost.

Keep in Touch

I’m back at my district office. If you wish to contact us to arrange a visit or need constituent service, please email district33@senate.virginia.gov or call 703-437-0086. My team includes Chief of Staff Karen Harrison and Director of Constituent Services, Kathy Shupe.